Vidya Bharti Punjab

Director Message

Dr Thakur SKR
Your thoughts decide your destiny
Director, Department of Holistic Education

Serving Society by Education is the Best Way of Serving the Nation. But what kind of education it should be is most important aspect. In today’s era, one side literacy rate is increasing and other side huge increase in mental patients, disturbed families, violence, etc., is seen. Education shall make a person more compassionate, accommodative and social. However, things are happening just opposite. Additionally, the scarcity of skilled workforce is all around. In this scenario, the holistic approach to mould a child right from his/her initial days is must. Moulding of these green cakes shall be in such a way that they not only become skilled persons but also more compassionate, accommodative and social. To inculcate this culture, Department of Holistic Education at Sarvhitkari Educational Society was conceptualised. I feel contented leading this futuristic Department and thrived to make a difference in school education and society.
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