Vidya Bharti Punjab

Welcome to Department of Holistic Education

Department of Holistic Education is the brainchild of Dr Thakur SKR who is a renowned scientist of ISRO, dedicated RSS worker and accomplished author. Level of education shall not be gauged by marks alone. In true sense, it’s the complete transformation of a green cake into a valuable asset for society. The students shall be full of energy, skills and values when they come out from the institution. Among all kind of institutions one goes through in his/her life span, school is an important place where anyone spends majority of educational years. Almost 15 years. Therefore, this place shall be built and nurtured in such a way that the students passing from school with a focussed and healthy approach in life.

Though Vidya Bharti was formed with this intention only, the last decade driven by technology led us to think about integration of technology with value based education. Further, the problems arose in education in last couple of decades shall be addressed in an effective way. With this intention, Department of Holistic Education was incepted in Sarvhitkari Educational Society which is a State Unit of Vidya Bharti. At present, Department has 27 Cells with dedicated co-ordinators to lead these cells. The in-depth research and development in each area is exhaustively done prior to run pilot projects and implementing them in schools & society. In last couple of months, E-cycle, Punjab Super 100, Tredul App, Vidya Bharti App, Surbhi Diye, Surbhi Piggy Bag, Surbhi Flower Pot, etc., are the key outcomes of the Department which are revolutionising the school education and society. One child one hour work per day, Recycling of cloths, paper & plastic, one school one product, International recruitment, etc., are few of the upcoming projects of the Department.

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