Vidya Bharti Punjab

Sarvhitkari Educational Society (SES) is a state unit of Vidya Bharti which is largest Non-Government Organization in the world. SES provides the model of education. It organises workshops, seminars, conferences and capacity building programmes to promote the standard of education as per the need of the times.

In Punjab, it is running 123 formal schools and more than 341 informal educational institutions (Sanskar Kenders). Sarvhitkari Educational Society traces its roots to the legacy that has been reforming and redefining India’s educational scenario for more than 50 years with its inception in the year 1970. Sarvhitkari Educational Society considers education a main source for social transformation, so the focus remains in imparting quality and value based education to the students based on Indian Culture and history.

Recently, SES has established Department of Holistic Education which makes it the first organisation in the country having its own Holistic Education Department. In this particular Department, 25 distinct cells are operational. These cells work on the research and development of new areas related to Holistic Development of students.

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