The war with dengue.. With everyone
Today, on 16-07-2022, children were made aware about dengue by the team of doctors in the premises of Prakashwati Sarvahitkari Vidya Mandir. Chaired by Dr. Navdeep Chhabra ji and his team (Fight against bite) told students about dengue mosquitoes and its fever. Dengue fever is an infection, which is caused by dengue virus.
It is very important to treat dengue on time. This fever, which seems normal initially, can be deadly by delayed or wrong treatment. These mosquitoes bite during the day, especially in the morning. Dengue spreads most in rainy season and July to October months, as this season has favorable conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.
A nooked drama informed students about dengue not to accumulate water around the house, cover the body, use turtle print, keep changing cooler water etc. by students It was vowed that we will make our relatives and friends aware about this and take necessary measures to avoid dengue fever. Principal Neelam Sharma ji thanked everyone and assured that the school and the environment around us. Will try to keep it clean.

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