Sanskrit week is being celebrated in Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir
12 August : Rampura Flower.
Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvahitkari Senior Secondary Vidya Mandir Sanskrit Week is being celebrated from 8 August to 14 August as per the instructions of Sarvahkari Shivani, starting on 8 August and former student of Vidya Mondir Shivani Done by lighting the lamp. Religious book ‘Padam Puran’ was worshipped by Sanskrit teachers Mrs. Bina Jindal and Vipan Kumar.
He very beautifully educated children about ancient Indian literature through religious texts of Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc and invited everyone to read them. Principal Malik told children that Sanskrit language is the oldest language and it is the mother of all other languages. He said that Sanskrit is being studied in KE foreign universities to know and understand Indian culture and foreigners are learning this language.
During Sanskrit week children presented various topics like numbers, Srimad Bhagwat Geeta Shlok, courtesy songs, Ekatata Stotram etc in Sanskrit. Children prepared the stripes of ‘Subhashitani’ while doing beautiful writing and presented dialogues in Sanskrit. Quotes were also pronounced by students. Vice Principal Usha Goyal wished everyone on celebrating Sanskrit week.

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