🌺🌺Prakashvati Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir, Jalandhar three-day *training class* started. 🌺🌺
🌺Success depends on training and practice, practice and try success is yours. 🌺
Today on 1st July 2022, training class was started under the supervision of Principal and Complex Chief Mrs. Neelam Sharma ji in the premises of Vidya Mandir. According to our tradition, the class was started with Deep Jyoti and Saraswati Vandana.
Today on the first day, 4 sessions took place, in which the first session worship was practiced, all the sisters together practiced Ekatata Stotra, Morning Memorial Shlok, Deep Vandana, Saraswati Vandana, Bharat Mata Vandana, Bhojan Mantra.
The second session was of yoga practice, in which Didi Manju ji made everyone practice yoga and also told about its benefits. Third session, taken by Didi Sakshi ji, the subject of which the Panchapadi Teaching System Lesson Plan.
He put this topic in detail in front of everyone. Fourth and final session taken by Didi Renu Joshi ji whose subject was Value Education. In which he stated that value education develops moral values within us. It develops in our personality as well as learning. Finally ended with Sukhna Mantra.

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