Athletics meet at departmental level celebrated at Param Bhagya Sarvahitkari Vidya Mandir Haryal
👉 Not only winning the game, but the desire to win is everything.
Athletics meet held at departmental level at Param Bhagya Sarvahitkari Vidya Mandir Hariyal on 08-09-2022. This program was conducted under the chairmanship of Principal Smt. Kanchan Singh. It was inaugurated by lighting lamps by Mrs. Kanchan Singh, Department Secretary Mr. Rajkumar, Complex Chief Mrs. Jyoti Sharma and the Principal of Pathankot Department. Stage operation done by Didi Babita. 9 schools Hariyal, Bhoa, Gharota Taragadh, Gho, Mamun, Dinanagar, Bani Lodhi, Sujanpur were present in it.
Infant class U-11, Children’s class U-14, Teenage class U-17 students from all schools participated in the high level.
In Long jump, first place in children’s class under-11 is Bhoa, second place is Dinanagar and Hariyal, third place is Bhoa. Children’s class under-14 team first place Taragarh, second place Gharota, third place Bhoa, teenage class under-17 first place Dinanagar second place Hariyal, third place Gh school. Samar, Kushagra, Gaurav, Laksh first place, Priyanshu in children’s class of Vidya Mandir, Hariyal in Relay race, Priyashu, Sakble, Vinay, Arman second place and in teenage class, Tarun, Gagan, Mohit are in second place. Mr. Rajkumar, Mrs. Jyoti Sharma, Miss Sonika, Mr. Bodhraj, Mr. Sahadev Ji, Mr. Vishal Sharma, Didi Aradhana Ji and other Acharya Didi were present while distributing the prizes.

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