Vidya Bharti’s Adhishthan based on Hindu lifestyle
Inauguration of the third day of Acharya training class. Shri Balkrishna Co-Organization Minister of North Kshetra and Kumari Abha Nagar ji lit a lamp in front of Saraswati Maa. Honorable Balkrishna ji addressed Acharya sisters and principals in the worship session. While doing, told that Vidya Bharti Work style and method of work is based on Hindu life philosophy.
Considering every part of the society as important, thinking about it is synonymous in Vidya Bharati’s goal. Informing the goal of Vidya Bharti, Shri Bal Krishna ji conducted Sanskriti Bodh Project, Alumni Parishad, Action Research, Vidwat Parishad Like the 4 dimensions Gave detailed information about it.
After that, didi Aabha Nagar ji told that today we need to strengthen our children with the foundation. She said that today society needs more rites than gold medals. If our culture is good then a clean society can be created. He said we should enhance the child’s creativity in his teenage years so that he can recognize his skills. He said a teacher is a personality who can help society control disaster.
This is why we should connect with children and strengthen them mentally and physically. For this teacher should use his insights to solve their problems. Thus a teacher can leave his impression on students’ minds.
Mr. K in 3rd session of day 3. K. Professional Growth of Teacher was given detailed information by Arie G Deputy Director. He explained that only 3 professions are identified based on tradition. Teaching, Doctorary and Law. Development of teachers is necessary because of poison Yon’s work area is huge It is happening. Education is being changed. The lesson plan should be good for this. Teachers should be taught by example. He said teacher’s development is not just a competition, it is a continuous process.

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