On 26 December 2022, Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvahitkari Senior Secondary Vidya Mandir Rampura Phool’s Acharya-sisters of Rampura flower city and Dhipali village under ‘Parents/Guardian Contact Campaign’, a total of 432 children went to various wards and Dhipali villages of Rampura Flower city and Fool town under ‘Parents / Guardian Contact Campa Town’ Contacted the parents / guardians. 15 teams of 37 Acharya-Sisters participated in this campaign. Parents and family members were discussed regarding children’s education, their personality and behavior and children were reported. Their problems were heard and suggestions were taken. Parents are informed about the achievements of Vidya Mandir during the present session. Parents of many NA admission children got ready for the upcoming session.

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