Guidance of All India and Regional Officers of Vidya Bharti on the second day of class
The bigger the goal, the harder the achievement will be. For the goal, the meditation is not necessary. The tool should not be obstacles, small experiments are necessary for success. There should be overall development of the child, for this, the personal development of the child is created, past development and Overall Development is very important. With all these ideas, the second day of primary class starts with Shri Ram Aravkar, Vidya Bharati Akhil India Sansthan, Mr. Vijay Nadda ji Organization Minister North Regional & Mr. Gagandeep Parashar ji Provincial Educational Convener , by G Saraswati Vandana was done. Expressing his views on Indian education philosophy, Mr. Vijay Nadda ji said that the real purpose of education is to pass the entire life exam. It is necessary for a person to be mentally empowered, then we face the challenges of life. Nope Can successfully pass life exams. Have knowledge of life philosophy is to think deeply about life. They said the main purpose of education is to connect children with their culture, culture, patriotic citizen, believer on heritage Living a life without any reason It is the real responsibility of the teacher to prepare the person. Topics taken on the second day of the second session of the training class. Acharya and Deed discussed PPT shown by Dr. Gagandeep Parashar ji in 10 groups as per complex discussion. ियों ियों Interacting with the principal present from different schools said as per the new education policy 2020 it is important to keep information on the subject as well as other subjects.
Discussing the topic taken by Rajendra ji through PPT said it is mandatory to add new technology with ancient education system, only then we can progress.
At the same time, we can benefit from it by staying within certain limits by using technology properly.

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