🌹🌹Five days Shishu Vatika Acharya training class started at Shri Tara Chand Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir Bhikhi🌹🌹
Education builds good thoughts within the man physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. The job of a teacher is not only to educate the student but also by enabling every student in every way for social welfare. A successful and strong Have to stand as a unit\n
This thought was expressed today by Hon’ble Vijay Nadda Sangathan Minister Vidya Bharati Uttar Pradesh during the inauguration level of the five-day Shishu Vatika Acharya Training class at Shri Tara Chand Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir Bhikhi. He said “New National Education Taking the topic of 2020, various Punjab province Addressing more than 200 teachers/teachers from schools said the new education policy is about improving students’ talent and art while also training teachers to make students a comeback Be a view And the students he taught also got to see good social culture.
He further his subject that special arrangement of teacher training has been made by Vidya Bharti for smooth implementation of National Education Policy under which training classes of all teachers are being organized at provincial level Of which all Schools participation will be 100%. On this occasion, program coordinator Kusum Kumari, the head of Shishu Vatika, introduced the guests and presented the importance of the camp and the outline of the programs being held in the camp.
Dr. Vijay Kumar Jindal (S. in special guests on this occasion M. Awwwww. Bhikhi), Harish Chand Sharma (Principal Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir, Sarhind and Department Secretary Ropad), Manjit Singh (Princessary Sarvhitkar Vidya Temple, Didba and Sangrur Department Secretary), Surendra Singh (Princial Sarvhkari Vidyya Mandir , Fatehgarh Bangles and A Mritsar Department Secretary), Didi Kiran Tina (Principal Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir, Abohar and Complex Head Fazilka), Province Co-chief child vatika

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