Five days primary training class organized by provincial unit of Vidya Bharati in Vidya Dham Jalandhar
More than 250 teachers will learn new technique of education
Education is to create good thoughts within a man. A teacher does not only teach a student but also teaches him to face the difficulties that come with courage. Inauguration of five days primary training class at Vidya Dham Jalandhar with these ideas Shriram Aravarkar Co-Organization Minister Vidya Bharati All India Education Institute, Mr. Vijay Nadda Ji Organization Minister North Region, Mrs. Rekha Kalia ji, Mr. Rajendra ji P Rachar Chief North Region and Mr. Gagandeep Parashar Shri Vijay Nadda ji addressed more than 250 teachers from different schools taking the subject of new National Policy 2020 said Vidya Bha Principal of Rati He should be a master trainer in advance. He should go to other educational institutions with new national policy. He should come forward as a leader. He said this education policy will improve the talent of the children as well as the teacher will also develop them. He said that Inside India’s education philosophy, even today the teacher is considered like a mother. That is why he is the real teacher who teaches the students by his behavior and understand the mentality of the children. Along with that, Shri Ram Aravkar ji acharya class. Informed 5 basic topics. Detailed how this subject can be helpful in overall development of children. Shri Rajendra ji gave detailed information to Acharya and Didi present through PPT on Technology subject in Education. Dr. Gagandeep ji explained by giving examples through Intrdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Approach PPT. He said S Implementation of Education Policy 2020 for Acharya and Sisters Motivated to play my role in doing.

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