Fiber-contained nutritious diet consumption activity conducted in Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir Rampura Phool. 🌷
27 April 2022: Rampura Flower.
In the supervision of Principal S.K. Malik at Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvhitkari S.K.Malik at Lala kasturi lal Sarvahitkari Senior Secondary Vidya Mandir Rampura Phool, Didi Jyoti ji organized a fiber-containting nutritious diet activity for all children from LKG to sixth standard Involved in lunch Done. Didi Jyoti told that eating a fiber diet keeps the stomach healthy and also reduces the risk of obesity, constipation, heart diseases etc. Fruits, vegetables and pulses contains abundant quantities of fiber. Seasonal fruits such as melon, watermelon, mango etc and bananas contains a lot of fiber. This is why children were ordered fiber fruits along with lunch. All children enjoyed this activity a lot. In order to reduce the habit of fast food in children, the school provides time to incorporate nutritious meals into their routine. This kind of activity helps children know nutritious food properties and also strengthens their immune system which is much needed in today’s time. Principal S.K Malik advised children to include fiber-rich fruits in their routine and wished them a healthy forever.

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