From 21.12.2022 to 28.12.202 NCC Air Wing installed CATC-64 in Lovely Professional University Phagwara, 250 cadets from Parkashwati Sarvhitkari Vidya Mandir and 10 other schools participated. In this camp, different activities of children were carried out according to the instructions of commanding officer wing commander Deepak Sharma. Children were trained to drill in the first session. Second session children were trained in range firing which taught children to firing with rifle 0.22. During the camp, classes were organized on different subjects of NCC in which children were practiced NCC courses for A certificate. The cadets were very happy and excited about this training. In the third session of the camp, different sports competitions of the students were also conducted. In which the children participated with great enthusiasm. During the camp, the cadets were informed about the fire extinguishing by the Phagwara Fire Station and live demonstration was also given. NCC officer and CTO Sushma were also present on this occasion.

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