Lala Kasturi Lal Sarvhitkari Sr. Secondary Vidya Mandir, Rampura Phool celebrating ‘Biodiversity Week’ for Nature Conservation, starting at prayer meeting after lighting lamps and praying in front of Maa Saraswati in prayer meeting, Principal S.K. Malik’s path Happened with ration in which they all children ‘Biodiversity Day’ celebrated on May 22, saying that it is our first duty to protect and preserve the environment we live in. He said that under nature conservation is to create a pollution free environment other than taking care of trees, birds and animals and using limited quantities of water and various energies. In the prayer meeting of primary wing students from 1st to 4th graders, Didi Reena conducted a quiz competition on environmental conservation in which the children showed their talents with great enthusiasm. Children who secured first second place during this competition were awarded by coordinator Sushma Sharma and class incharge. The children looked very happy at the prayer meeting. During this week’s series of activities, messages were also sent to children to participate in other activities. Activities such as poetry writing, essay writing, slogan writing, painting competitions, speech, debate and oath on the subject of ‘Save Environment-Save Lives’ are remarkable. The children were encouraged to send the birds in-charge with parents pouring water and grains on the roof. Finally in prayer meeting 2nd grader Mannat’s birthday was celebrated and wished him on his birthday by class incharge.
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